Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Women's Party

my eyes my eyes the office dust this weekend past my god if years had passed

it would have been no worse the time has changed the clock has changed and changed again;

January 10th of 1917 twelve women under purple, white, and gold, and what of all the things will stick

was it a thing, or no? What is the current picket, am I in it? I'd never pick a color can't distinguish

white from cream or gold from green the fonts on all the banners on our side from the others

or these years we spent together or the kitchens or the clothes my eyes or just my hips inside my body

each day a different picket in the middle of the main and all for what and will we end it on an up

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  1. ahhhh I wanna write a poem with this name! anybody else? tobecontinued