Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Front & Centre

Stepping behind this
grabbing its wrist and pulling its own punch
if I squint, or if steeped in coffee
and redding out a sphere encloses
perhaps this looks like
look at me
it's historic grandstanding
I haven't seen anything like it.

I'm in the seventh year here
and yes I'm from a place
where events are
knots on a 
cat o' nine tails
may as well be a
cat o' no tails.

The cat of, where?
History is not better served as the lego of facts.
And this is my observation here,
the endless hope that those knots
could be slid off like in a magic trick
scooped into a pile
vs the childish impulse
to start flicking them at those
still writing,
still perfecting their pen grip.

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