Monday, January 30, 2017

Medieval Troubador Songs and Dances in Upper Manhattan

without a top-floor
southern exposure
slice of pie in
evening light you might as well
give up, why be political
without a clean apartment
why be anything when you
only have 40 years to decide
to be a tambourine virtuoso
a weaver, or luthier
a piper or whatever the shorter
your life the higher the stakes the
longer the life the harder the choice;
will you remain radical if you
start now, will someone yell at you
is your home too dark to look outward
your problems so small you can't choose
from among them the dinner you ate
too late at night and not with family
the way the screen looks when you want to work,
the work too worthless to inspire,
responsibility for a life expectancy blessedly
going down, not all of us will live 
that long, so
make a choice, the right one, which means

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