Sunday, January 15, 2017


i just wanna be a firefly

i just want the human race to die

singing along so screamingly my voice cracks and buckles,
racing upwards in a white car with an old best friend
in the passenger seat. listening, looking
out the window with her hands in her lap, eyes
widened by the twist tie switchback curves in
this old potholed road.

how’s school, one year left?
she asks and i nod but can’t stop singing
even though i know she’s nervous. more like
because. because she’s nervous and it feels
better to not care than assuage her worries;
since even if i do–i’ll still know

that she lives with her fiance in a
huge brownstone in the south end
with her huger ring and talks most days about
the wedding and now i live in this mostly brown
and gray town with mountains and sometimes

steal toilet paper from restrooms at the university.

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