Friday, January 27, 2017


Somebody went to Morocco
Somebody broke a coke bottle
Somebody hated their mother, more
Somebody listened to Chaka Kahn
Somebody used the darkroom behind the door
where the smug wood angel hung
Somebody helped put the ornaments away
Somebody wrote limericks in broken pencil
Somebody missed their mother, more
Somebody abandoned somebody
Somebody made their little brother
hit himself then pushed him off the ledge
Somebody had the right jeans
Somebody went to a rock show
Somebody rolled a joint
Somebody went to boarding school
Somebody made too many jokes
took it too far, took himself too seriously
Somebody dodged the draft
Somebody held the puppy in his jacket
Somebody had secrets
Somebody cleaned the pool
Somebody was lazy
Somebody was a ballerina
Somebody explained praying mantises
Somebody stopped coming home
Four boys in autumn jackets
Four boys in the sand
Children go where I send thee
How shall I send thee