Thursday, January 19, 2017

Holy Shit

Antenna tv a beer my mother called worked 11 hours in the kingdom of mistakes I hear well "i do that all the time" fine but do you want to?! Millions of people who hate themselves standing between me and a moderately less irritating life which is, can you imagine, not so wild, you know me, I'm not wild, born under a prim-ass moon was I, so mannered, and what good is it, Kat was in the bathroom going nuts because this institution, born of women, hates us, can't be bothered, it's women our age who need a hero, a princess, a 40-year-old princess, two beers antenna tv network facade of calm reflection freaking out is fine, it's time, the empire of mistakes I hear we've done it wrong again, it won't ring through, spend twenty minutes sorting nothing I could work forever youth is over that's fine, it's time, 11 hours like a lawyer like the future like the prim-ass moon that blessed this wretched coast with fossils of the fathers of the fathers who thought it sweet to suffer and of course with me, with me, who can name all the solutions but can't take all my vacation like this century of plenty moving slowly towards the simple loss of time that I have earned but am too American to use. I am too American to use. Too American to use I am too American to move I am too American to do, too American to...

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