Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pasha we love you are you ok

  1. it’s pasha on the footbridge to the cemetery
  2. we see him through the leaves and branches
  3. but can’t reach him, can’t call to him
  4. because he thinks nobody is watching he takes out a picture from the inside fold of his worn-out wallet
  5. he tears it in two then fours then sixteens
  6. until his thumbs are too big to grip to further rip
  7. he drops it all from his palm onto the field below him and turns before watching the papers spiral forever, not falling
  8. we are the ones to stay and stare. we don’t leave until each piece has landed on the ground.
  9. at home that weekend we watch pasha’s eyes
  10. for hints of feeling
  11. but he looks the same as always.

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