Monday, January 23, 2017

New languages

I'm learning new languages this year

We don't say frustrated, right ladies?
We're just trying to appreciate the cuddles while the LOs (little ones)  will still let us touch them!
Do you dream feed? do you CIO(cry it out)?
Are you forced to feel guilty either way?

Hey, DS (dear son), does that high pitched scream mean you are delighted?
You need to burp? 
You feel a vague sense of despair?

DH (dear husband), I will try to have the dishes done by the time you get home.
You work so hard all day, for us.
Can you just hold the BOJ (bundle of joy) for a minute so I can pee?

Looking for an escape hatch from antiquity/modernity.
To snow shoe into uncharted territory,
Like swaying to Arthur Russell in the kitchen,
Mosi in my arms

It's a wild
It's a loving you baby
It's a walk in the park
It's a talk in the dark.