Wednesday, January 18, 2017


If the grocery store is burdensome, do not go.

Eat other stuff. Eat trash. Look, now is a time for excellence.

Are you counting the hours to prove they're not enough?

Don't count. You know. There is no time. You're done.

Don't talk to me about the night's tasks. Do them or don't, but don't.

Give up. Flip out. We spent 12 years training for 6 hour days and endings

for a reason. Look, call tech support. They'll know what to do.

Tech support told me to shave just one leg and scream at those I love

but you'll have better luck. Tech support said "if you don't gnash your teeth


they won't believe you!" And they were right. How I gnash.

I beat my breast! A flourish; I too can troubleshoot, I too re-boot.

Did you call? Get gentler advice? Tech support calls me sometimes,

a super-user. A tester. Go on, get another beer. Want, but do not act.

A new era. Nevermind. Act, but do not want. Be chill.

They're setting up new phones tonight and when tech support calls

it will say "unknown" so you have to answer, it could be fun!

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