Sunday, January 1, 2017

5 Poems in 1


like a seed sprouting in the dark / grateful
to be alive / to begin anew/ to celebrate

the first new day of the new year under the sun
to become / always to become

my first poetic lines of 2017
got me thinkin long and hard
about the past / and the older i get
the faster time flies
and sometimes
it seems it ain't gonna last long
especially when i look into a loved ones eyes
and realize i ain't that strong
cuz i dread the thought losin another
like a father or brother
a sister or a friend or another mother
cuz time keeps passing and all things
must come to an end
but mami always said
never mourn the living/only the dead
and so i  try not to dwell on sad thoughts


i taste moonlight slivers and magic
cup the molecules of this precious cosmic moment
i laugh hard when i laugh
and run / feel the wind in my lungs
celebrate i'm alive / i'm fuckin alive
and if i choose to press play and
muse on the past on this day
i choose to listen to the songs sade


"nevah as good as the first time"

yessss i choose to groove to the sax
the boomin basslines of
my own version glory dayz
and soulfully sing along
press play in my nostalgic mind
remember the sweetest orgasmic moments
of my time... groove in the past....

"you give me,  you're giving the sweetest taboo
that is why i'm in love with you...."

oh sade singin her oh so soulful and sexy way
voice all velvet and silky sweetness
so i can sing along / wrap myself
in my own arms / and forget

"you've got the biggest heart
sometimes i think you're just too good for me

every day is Christmas, and every night is New Year's Eve
will you keep on loving me
will you keep on, will you keep on
bringing out the best in me..."

remind me
to forget
to listen to more
music from back in the day

remind me to forget
and stay in the present

create future orgasmic
juicy moments



begin anew

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