Sunday, January 8, 2017

think about all that texture you actually
naturally have
I can't I can't, woah

I cannot actually bear its contemplation
my eye will divide on the stalk
taking in both fact and shadow of it

think of all that thing and space between it
way it ends compared to otherness
and starts, I can't, the gleam

sets off the colors we have memorized
from expertise with trees
our species shares

you know that gleam is oak that flash is birch
yet you cannot name those trees personally
not to their faces

outside the bar the giddy poet quizzed her friends
what's this, what's this? No nature poets here?
when no one knew the sapling's designation

on your slowest walk to school
dragging home behind you
sun splitting the grass apart in blades tmi!

woah, enough, a bird shits or lives
sings or dies or is anxious and antsy nearby
it's your nature to look

and your nature to travel inside
where it's soft and you are

and your thoughts were left smoking

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