Tuesday, January 3, 2017



A medallion of silver
Broken reminder of past salutations
Dogs in winter coats

Believing in redemption
Will not help you now
The crows have arrived, and are relentless

Basking in the glory of irresponsibility
Fisherman look to the gray horizon
Shuddering as the waves approach

Rosie your the one
You wear my ring

She awakens to a sigh
From the computer
Reminding her of her convictions

Teapot competes
Whistling beneath the audible spectrum
Warmth on a blistery morning

He has gone to the sea
Alone and afraid
A nation waits for the repression it has chosen

The catch will provide sustenance
As the school bus passes, the town awakens
As the powerful sharpen their rhetorical swords

Steals the show
Runs far from the poets laments

Embrace in the evening
News of anger and terror
Turn out the lights.

Michael Krasowitz Jan 3 2017

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