Tuesday, January 10, 2017

leh… nee… nay…
see hawks' theory of competition:

“strive together not strive against”
how about we?

the contempt you show me for the things I got attention for
“_____’s big night out”

for mispronouncing the name of the musician
for putting too much water in the pan in a drought

“well it is cooking now” I say
now I know how to pronounce a name I like

hmm is this how it feels to be on the other side
of intimacy with someone who likes things just so

what an edge there is to it I never felt this side of it
my edge felt sharp and yours did too?

the hawk coach sees competition thus:
there are holes in life taller than us

the way to build the muscle and tech 
to climb out is to strive to top you

as you struggle to get there by stepping
on me: first one out gets loved...

how many lovers are out there though?
one hole, one glimpse of hair-kissed jaw

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