Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Blog

Planning a surprise writing assignment
you're going to love it's
about telling me why something you like is
good, that's a hobby of mine like
"this movie is good I'll tell you why"
I'm here to be entertained, that's my
unique quality, my special something
I'll like what you do, I've never seen
a bad actor, except if you are a man
with a certain look like a repressed
memory then I'll bark it all over town
"I hate him" but I don't have other words for that;
it's not good, I'm not cute, I'm getting
emptier and emptier, more and more
entertained but closer and closer
to the memory, but still loving
all the shows if you say you don't
like something I won't believe you or
I'll think you're flirting with me like
"oh check you out" and trust me
you're not flirting with me you
hate the shows but I think there's
no reason, check you out