Thursday, January 5, 2017

I rarely use gender in my writing
preferring people closer up
so you see the veins and flickers
but it seems worth it to say
after two glasses of wine
even my gentlest male friends
talk over women

that sounds so abrupt and duh
I mean men I wouldn't think
would place themselves above
anyone let alone women
do cast loud voices over
words they would have liked
to hear if they weren't so
what? Whatever

I write this as a woman
I have spoken over others
children and others

My friend's voice is soft
softer still when stepped on
she stops to let the talker pass
she listens

I wish she would stop and kick
loudly repeat herself or I wish
I would

I can think of one exception
but he rarely has two glasses
he and I talked today about
lies and I told him my story
and he wept drooping big tears
pressed his eyelids tight to stop
and grasped my hand

I thought he might be feeling
some of his own love's ending
how else does such softness form
such sweetness