Tuesday, January 3, 2017


The heat is off and the ice
In the air, on your skin wakes you
Still dark you half sleepwalk to the wall
In the other room, turn it on
Don't bother with the bathroom light
The cats in your bed barely notice your return
You were dreaming of a stranger
Who asked about your wedding ring
A thing, in your dream, you had forgotten the way sometimes
You can forget your name
A few weeks ago you forgot your face
You looked in the mirror and it was wrong
For a long enough time that you cried about it
Half awake brain frets --
The stranger was handsome
You touched his leg
Meaningfully dreamy on the ankle
But you are here, in your cold bedroom with your not stranger
Sleeping soundly
And cats and winter and only two
More hours of sleep
Til you'll have to turn the lights on
Start the coffee wash your face
Whether it's yours or not
And let the day go on

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